Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July in Cabot, VT

First here is a totally unrelated pic I took the other night. The phoenix vs. the mantis!

Now here are the Vermont pics. Had a great weekend heading up to visit with Jane's parents and bro. We stayed at Injun Joe's cottages (yes, that's really the name, evidence is below). I should say we slept at the cottages, we spent most of our time around their house, on the lake or at the site of Jules' future house. Had a great time with Matt and Alex. Unfortunately Aaron and Amy couldn't make it. Maybe next time.

Our little home away from home.

Matt was ready to eat this guy right then! But he forgot his spices.

Jane was happy to finally RELAX!!!!
Jules chillin' by the dock.

Jane and I at a very special place.

Man, I love this chick. She's so cool.

Watched the fireworks over the lake. Those are islands in the mid-ground. You'll see one of them again later.

Went fishing at 5:30am. Took the kayak out just as the fog came in. Did you ever read The Mist by Stephen King? Well, I did, and this freaked me out! It was so thick at one point I couldn't see the shore and only knew which way i was headed because I could hear the birds in the trees. Spooky!
This is one of those islands.

The puppies. Lola, Ollie and Vader. Can you guess which one is special? And by special I mean retarded.

That's it for now.