Monday, October 13, 2008

Montauk Trip Two

Went to Montauk again but this time the weather was gorgeous. It was sunny, warm, the water was crystal clear and not a cloud in the sky. So of course there were no fish that day. Well, we saw some, but they weren't biting for anyone. Saw maybe three fish caught all day. But even though I didn't catch crap it was a good time. Even took a nap in the grass on the beach by where the seals come to play. Took some pics of things while I wasn't catching fish.

It's hard not to stare into the sun, it's so beautiful.

A wave crashing on a boulder I was fishing on. Once the waves started to crash I decided to move.

This dead guy was at least 40", I would have loved to have seen him alive. I stuck my lure in his mouth so when I say I had a 40" fish on the other end of my line I won't be lying.

Oh, and look at that, the hole in his belly offered up some life. They were calling to me "Remember that time when you were a kid and you accidentally drank maggots in your hot cocoa thinking they were mini marshmallows? Well, we're back!". True story.

Why are butterflies called butterflies? They don't have anything to do with butter. They don't make butter. They don't look like butter. Do they taste like butter? Should call them beautyflies.

This is my favorite pic of the day. Soon enough he'll be hibernating the winter away. Or dead after jamming his stinger deep into my flesh for getting so close.

Montauk Trip One

Went to Montauk with Steve last week. It was a pretty craze day. Never saw fish blitz like that, the sea was boiling with carnage and all you had to do was follow the boil and cast into it. If you're lucky a fish would bite down. That day chances were very good. We headed out at 2am (that's right, 2am). Got there at 5am, waited an hour for Steve's friend, hit the shore, fished straight from sun up to sun down, then headed back to White Plains. Got home around 10pm exhausted. But no sleep for me, I had to fillet my catch!

Kept this one, he was about 30".

Sunday, September 28, 2008

This is Kuwata's house, sucka!

Steve and I went up to Kuwata's place to fish out on the lake he lives by. It was ridiculous, it was like a fishing show. Together we probably caught about 35-40 bass ranging from the very small to the very large. Caught a couple pickerel, and even the sunnies were like piranas today, getting caught on lures almost as big as them. Overall it was a great time. The weather held up until we left, the fishing was fast and furious, and I got to hang out with the guys outside of work. After a summer of salt water fishing doing some fresh water was a nice switch.

BAM! I started off drawing first blood!

But Steve had to show me up with a MONSTER BASS! 

Caught me a couple little brothers of Steve's fish.

Kuwata caught a bunch of fish too, but every time I tried to snap a pic the fish was already back in the water. The dude is too fast!

Could have used him as bait.

Obviously this fish I caught is much bigger than the one Steve caught. Just compare their sizes. (Kuwata included in image as scale reference ;-) )
All fish caught were released and swam off to be caught by his kids at a later date.

And someone asked me what types of lures I use when I go salt water fishing. This is my current arsenal. I really only use like five of these. But aren't they pretty?


These are a couple of pics from last week when I went out fishing with Steve and Kuwata at the reef in CT. Got there EARLY, 4am!! Saw the sun rise but did not see any fish. On the walk back saw this crazy jelly fish. I thought these guys only lived in the tropics.

Here's a video of the jelly fish:

the jungle

Jane is rearranging the apartment and it was time to move the vine I've been growing over the last three years. Take a look at the size of the pot in relation to the amount of vine material. Crazy! The vines were getting so long it was making the plant unhealthy, so, I'll be chopping it up into bits this week and starting a new.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My first striper!

Went to Rhode Island for a weeks vacation. Did a bit of fishing and caught my first, and second, striper. The second one was a keeper and so I took that bad boy home and carved him up good. Tasty! Here are some pics.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July in Cabot, VT

First here is a totally unrelated pic I took the other night. The phoenix vs. the mantis!

Now here are the Vermont pics. Had a great weekend heading up to visit with Jane's parents and bro. We stayed at Injun Joe's cottages (yes, that's really the name, evidence is below). I should say we slept at the cottages, we spent most of our time around their house, on the lake or at the site of Jules' future house. Had a great time with Matt and Alex. Unfortunately Aaron and Amy couldn't make it. Maybe next time.

Our little home away from home.

Matt was ready to eat this guy right then! But he forgot his spices.

Jane was happy to finally RELAX!!!!
Jules chillin' by the dock.

Jane and I at a very special place.

Man, I love this chick. She's so cool.

Watched the fireworks over the lake. Those are islands in the mid-ground. You'll see one of them again later.

Went fishing at 5:30am. Took the kayak out just as the fog came in. Did you ever read The Mist by Stephen King? Well, I did, and this freaked me out! It was so thick at one point I couldn't see the shore and only knew which way i was headed because I could hear the birds in the trees. Spooky!
This is one of those islands.

The puppies. Lola, Ollie and Vader. Can you guess which one is special? And by special I mean retarded.

That's it for now.