Saturday, August 25, 2007

El Diablito - WIP, Stage Uno

I'm trying to get into painting since I've never really tried. I bought some paint and am in the works of starting my first piece. I got the idea from mi amigo Antelmo, a folk tale about a devil who has one goat let and one chicken leg. Here are my prelim sketches.

Rhode Highland sketches of 2006

Last year my friends and i went on our yearly trip to Rhode Island (this year we did not though). It was a great time and while there mi amigo Tony Jung was a sketching machine. I caught the bug a bit and tried out one of his brush pens. Here are two sketches I did from that trip.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IA2 - mini sloths lava pit

On Ice Age: The Meltdown I was working in the modeling department and got the chance to build a suit of triceratops bones that Sid would fall into and wear (with a septer that had the skull of a dead beaver kid) to scare off the mini sloths. This suit gag was cut from the film so it never got used. I was sad.
Then one weekend I was working OT on the sequence and mi amigo Dan Lopez came over and was like "It'd be cool to throw in some bones down in that pit of death.". I agreed, (he does have an amazing sense of design after all) so I went into my old bone monster suit, ripped it apart and and created this set up. It's on screen for about one and a half seconds but I think it looks cool. I especially love the little dead beaver kid in the bottom right corner.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

David and Goliath

The BSS challenge this time was David and Goliath, but I decided to cheat for my first drawing and go with Davey and Goliath, one of my favorite animations when I was young. I just threw in a little twist. The girl on screen is from a tee shirt design I'm working on as my first attempt at screen printing. Also tried to deviate from my normal way of drawing and don't have any dark black outlines around the character, just colors.

"No way, NO WAY! Dude, she's gonna do it! Thank God for chat rooms!" - Goosaba

Monday, August 6, 2007

Bridge Troll

Here are a couple images I made for a short film mocumentary a few friends and I did for the 48 Hour Film Festival. The piece was called Bridge Troll, a story about the last troll in New York and how he was dealing with his existence.
The images were used to show his family history and his broken relationship with his father. Since there was very little time to do it I couldn't put much detail in finessing the images to make the heads really work in the scenes so instead I went with the idea that they would drasticly stick out (who doesn't like big heads on little bodies?) and I feel that worked better with the feel of the film. They are trolls after all. Also added a two minute sketch of the lead actor in his garb and the title card. It was fun to wor on a live action film again.