Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IA2 - mini sloths lava pit

On Ice Age: The Meltdown I was working in the modeling department and got the chance to build a suit of triceratops bones that Sid would fall into and wear (with a septer that had the skull of a dead beaver kid) to scare off the mini sloths. This suit gag was cut from the film so it never got used. I was sad.
Then one weekend I was working OT on the sequence and mi amigo Dan Lopez came over and was like "It'd be cool to throw in some bones down in that pit of death.". I agreed, (he does have an amazing sense of design after all) so I went into my old bone monster suit, ripped it apart and and created this set up. It's on screen for about one and a half seconds but I think it looks cool. I especially love the little dead beaver kid in the bottom right corner.

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en said...

very cool!

=D... and who put shaders on all those bones and lava and rocks down there... me me me!

when i was going for approval.. i did some close renders of those regions. I will try to dig them up for you. =D Have a great one of the beaver head.