Monday, October 13, 2008

Montauk Trip Two

Went to Montauk again but this time the weather was gorgeous. It was sunny, warm, the water was crystal clear and not a cloud in the sky. So of course there were no fish that day. Well, we saw some, but they weren't biting for anyone. Saw maybe three fish caught all day. But even though I didn't catch crap it was a good time. Even took a nap in the grass on the beach by where the seals come to play. Took some pics of things while I wasn't catching fish.

It's hard not to stare into the sun, it's so beautiful.

A wave crashing on a boulder I was fishing on. Once the waves started to crash I decided to move.

This dead guy was at least 40", I would have loved to have seen him alive. I stuck my lure in his mouth so when I say I had a 40" fish on the other end of my line I won't be lying.

Oh, and look at that, the hole in his belly offered up some life. They were calling to me "Remember that time when you were a kid and you accidentally drank maggots in your hot cocoa thinking they were mini marshmallows? Well, we're back!". True story.

Why are butterflies called butterflies? They don't have anything to do with butter. They don't make butter. They don't look like butter. Do they taste like butter? Should call them beautyflies.

This is my favorite pic of the day. Soon enough he'll be hibernating the winter away. Or dead after jamming his stinger deep into my flesh for getting so close.

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jane jane said...

Nice pics!! Especially the wave crashing on the boulder!!