Monday, November 27, 2006

BSS Challenge - Past Posts

Here are a few of the images I've done for the Blue Sky Studios weekly design challenge (which you can find in my Links section). First off I'll say I'm no illustrator so my stuff will never looked finished or perfect, but I do feel I've got my own style. I call it Shitty Style. It's what motha nature gave me and I like it. Also, one of my professors once told me that 80% of good art is in the title of the piece so I try and concentrate on the titles and writing within them. At least my mom thinks I'm funny. Ok, well, sometimes.

theme: Thanksgiving
"Young Love, Pilgrim Style"

theme: Sunday Funnies

*The ones below were done with a mouse as I didn't have a Wacom hooked up yet.

theme: The Wizard of Oz

theme: Halloween
"Halloween Around 15th Street, Brooklyn, circa 1987"

theme: Classic Movie Monsters
"They swear they're still 'just friends'. Vacation photo, June 2006"

theme: Animal Hybrids
" Lazy post apocalyptic pit bulls enslave intellectually superior man-chicks."

theme: Muppets
title: "I love me some pork grinds!"

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