Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mexican Wrestler

So the BSS challenge finally got going again, I pulled this out in a fairly short amount of time. I've had some people ask me about my techniques and to be honest it's not by choice. It ends up that way as I'm using GIMP and without pressure sensitivity and almost exclusivly using either the soft edge or hard edge round brush heads I've got to do some weird things to make it work. But I've been doing it so long this way that now when I go back to Photoshop I'm lost and long for GIMP. And all lens flares and cheesy lighting effects are on purpose and yes, I know I shouldn't use them. It's my rebellion against my old art professor.
Anyway, the translation under the pic is "Oh Esmeralda, I must do this for you."

"Ay Esmeralda, lo hago para ti." - Goosaba

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jane jane said...

I wish I could compliment all o fyour stuff all at once! But I will start with this one. It's awesome and so are you!! Keep it up, I want to see more!!