Friday, November 23, 2007


Each of these doodles was sketched into my note pad at work while in the back of a dark presentation room while watching reels of an upcoming film to be released in 2008. Here's a hint, it start with an H and ends in orton. Each is for sale, $3, signed, and money goes to my sister's Nintendo Wii X-Mas Gift Fund. Do it for the children! 

big wheels keep on turnin'

your mom

sexy 80's Russian spies

your mom, $35 hr

dog trap and the crown jewel of heaven


Buff Bunny and Jack Hammer Harry

Gorton Hears a Poo


jane jane said...

I love these!!! I will buy Gorton Hears a Poo. Yay, keep drawing, I love your work!! It always makes me smile. :)

Diana said...

"" *she faints*
- A day later -
"wow,...oh...I....bloody brilliant!!!!"