Sunday, June 8, 2008

This ones for Antelmo

The only person who reads my blog. ;-)

The only things I caught Saturday morning were two catfish. One dropped off the line as i tried to get the camera out, but this guy looked like he had been attacked by a racoon or something. he has claw marks down his body. They're some tough sonsabitches.

But even though I didn't catch any bass I did see this cool bit of nature. The bass must have spawned earlier in the morning before I got there, and try as they might the four or five bass could not fend off the swarm of sunnies that came in to feast on fresh caviar. Helping the sunnies were some pretty big shiners and the two catfish, which were the only things biting anything I threw in the water. This was cool to watch.


Antelmo Villarreal said...
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Antelmo Villarreal said...

That is not true, I am sure a lot of people read your blog but never comment. It is a nice fishing blog I just happen to sit next to you.

Which is like the best thing ever.

jane jane said...

I read your bog! What am I, chopped catfish! Nice posts though. I want to go next time... and not fish :)justbehappy

Little Dynamite said...

antlemo wishes he was the only person who read your blog...i like fish too!