Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home Art Project - Wood/Jar/Plant

Recently Jane and I started on a little project for the house. Since moving in we haven't really decorated a ton and decided we needed to get off our butts and do it. Jane was inspired and so she went out and did all the hard work, searching the internet for the right supplies and ordering them. One box of old blue Ball jars and three live-edge planks of wood. We then picked up some hardware, put them together and fastened our new planters on the wall in our living room.

Jane is sanding the planks...

And then oiled them all purdy.

This is the bare wall we wanted to put them on.

Some close ups of the old Ball jars. These would be the containers for the plants.

We used these rings to secure the jars to the planks. I drilled a hole in the ring and then used a screw to secure it in place on the boards. A small piece of rubber was placed between the jar and the ring towards the back to give it better traction and a bit of cushion when tightened around the glass jar. (of course I didn't take pictures of any of that stuff)

To measure out where we wanted them on the wall we cut templates of each board and taped them onto the wall, ensuring proper placement. The pups were very helpful as supervisors.

Here we see the rings and some of the jars in place. One of the boards had a section of it's core missing which we liked the look of. To keep the jars at the same height across we just dropped the rings on those jars lower on the board.

And here they are up.

And the first board gets it's new tenants. :)