Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chickens!! - Day 1

For us it's Day 1, but for the chicks we got it's day 9 or 10. We would have liked to have gotten day old chicks but the place we went to to pick them out had only a small selection. Though they did have day olds we decided to go with some week olds because they were more likely to survive and we were able to get a greater variety.

We ended up getting three Barred Rock and three New Hampshire Red pullets. (pullets = young hens)

Here we see one NHR looking at me looking at her through one of the holes in the box they came home in.

Little dudettes all huddled together trying to hide from the big scary humans.

 We borrowed this set up from a friend but decided to use a big ol' dog crate we had lying around. It would give them more space and cut off floor drafts.

  This is the dog crate with the water and feeder inside.

 Jane putting the first chick into dog crate. You can see just how big it is in this image. We tied the heat lamp to the door with wire.

And here they are getting used to their new surroundings.

"What chu' lookin' at sucka?!" 

And there you have it, our first flock on Day 1. When they grow up they should look like these guys.

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