Thursday, April 21, 2011

My new friend, my sworn enemy.

I was walking around yesterday on my day off and I saw something move in the mat of dried leaves. I looked a bit closer and saw it was a mouse. I had grabbed my camera on my way out and decided to try and get closer for a shot. It was a baby! And he didn't know what I was so he just kind of stared at me as I approached. I set the camera to the macro setting and leaned in hoping he would let me get close enough and he did. I had the camera within three inches of his face and he just sat there staring at the camera. After a couple pictures he'd had enough and started to hop/run off and latched on to the side of this rock where I grabbed the last pic and then left him to go on his merry way. I spent all winter killing his family without remorse but even though I know he'll probably be breaking into our house next fall and the hunt will resume I spent this moment with him as my friend. I wonder if this is how Dumbledore felt when he first met Tom Riddle as a child. Or am I Voldemort and the mouse is baby Harry Potter? Hmmm.....

On an unrelated note I would recommend not listening to the Deer Resistant labels on expensive shrubbery. Did someone say..... shrubbery? (dramatic chord!!)

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