Sunday, April 17, 2011


I took a quick stroll around the house and took some quick pics. Now I am posting them. Don't judge my photo skills on these as I've done no retouching, everything is straight from my point and shoot. Though I do think some of them came out nice.

The apple trees starting to bud:

A couple more pics of the spontaneous fountain:

Poison ivy vine gripping the tree:

Little bee/wasp guy looking for pollen:

The Secret Of Nymn style forsythia bush:

The empty garden:

Some tulip plants getting ready to bloom soon:

A ransom little flower:

I forget this guy's name but I'm amazed it lasted through the winter and came back:
A couple tiny mushrooms I almost stepped on. Sorry Leafmen.

Another tulip patch, this one is much bigger:

The stream:
I don't know what this guy is, I've never seen him before. Anyone have a clue? There are a bunch down by the stream but this was the only one with a flower:

And the shoots of a giant fern coming up:
And that's it for today.


Zach said...

the plant you were hoping to identify, the one with the little yellow flower and spotted leaves, is called trout lily

Goosaba said...

Awesome, thanks Zach!