Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A bunch of random pics taken around the house.

These are some lilies I planted this spring. The plants look a bit stunted but if the come back next year they should be much bigger once they set up their root systems. But even though the main part of the plant is dwarfish the flowers are still their normal humongous size.

Here you can see the leftovers from a satisfied chipmunk.
Here are some peonies before the flowers have opened up.
And this is one of them after.
So while these clumps of "grass" have nice little purple flowers on them I wasn't happy with where they've been growing (we didn't plant them, they came with the house). So I've just been ripping them up left and right. But when I went to the plant nursery they had them there, smaller than these, at $20 a clump! I must have killed at least $300+ worth of these guys. I guess I'll replant them after I rip them up next time.

I think the scientific name for this one is poochius ignoramus.
Here are some of the calla lilies I planted coming in nicely.
I thought I'd throw in some fishing pictures in the mix to spice things up. I didn't see one fish on this outing but I found some mussels on the reef I was walking on.

It's really incredible when you look at this picture to see how many of them are piled on top of each other. Now remember how many of them are on this little clump.....

Now look at THIS!!!! That's all mussels piled on top of each other for about half a mile. Insane!Ok, back to the flowers.

The flowers on this bush smell of Nilla Wafers. :)
Here is a patch of wild flowers I try not to mow each year. The patch keeps growing and growing.
I picked up a sickly looking rose bush from Home Depot on sale for $5. It still looks a bit sickly but so far it's knocked out some nice flowers.
This is a Japanese maple I'm growing from a seed I found in the woods. No, I promise, it's not marijuana.
I planted about 500+ morning glory seeds along the bases of some of our fences that I collected from about 10 plants I had last year. Hopefully they take, if the do they should turn the fence into a wall of flowers for most of the summer.
I think these are foxgloves. My mom (Hi Mom!) gave us a container with a few last fall and they came back in the spring. I'll take more pics when it's in full bloom.

I don't know what that guy right behind the foxgloves is, I didn't plant it and it wasn't there last year. I should know soon.
Here is a pic of another stunted lily, but these are different types that open later in the year. That is if the beetles don't kill them all first. They've been attacking in force for weeks so I've been dusting them with this organic bug killer. It works, but those bastards keep coming back. Good luck lily.
I got a bag of ......., I can't remember the name of them, but I got a bag on sale at Home Depot. There were 70 bulbs, I planted a bunch here and a few by the road. It's supposed to be a mix of colors so we'll see in about a month or so.
These are some agave plants, we've got a ton of them. They're not the prettiest but they put up these crazy stalks which blossom to be covered in white flowers. I'll post pictures of the flowers once they bloom.

This stalk is shy.
And last but not least I got Jane a dahlia plant. The flowers look like pom poms.
And that's it for now. I'll be taking pics of my garden this weekend, in the meantime I've got to get started on my next art project. Argg, and finish my last one. :-/

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jane jane said...

I love all your awesome gardening. You have a great talent with the greenery! :)