Monday, June 27, 2011


Jane and I went to the nursery to get some plants for around the house. While looking at some leftover veggies plants they hadn't sold I noticed one of these guys on a dill plant. I called Jane over to check it out and she pointed out there were two other ones right in front of my eyes I hadn't seen. I wanted to take these guys home so I bought the dill plant that had two of them. We named them Harriet and Harriet. I took these pics but the light conditions weren't right,  I figured I would take more pics the next day.

Cool, right?

But when I got home the next day Harriet and Harriet were cocoons! It's pretty insane. Click on the images to see them full size to really appreciate what you're seeing. They connect themselves to the plant at their base and then tie a line around themselves so they're dangling like a telephone pole climbing repair man! Plus they look like West Highland White Terriers, these Harriet guys are crazy! In a few weeks we should see them emerge as butterflies, I'll post pics of the Harriets then if all goes well.

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